Atelier Bernet

Catherine BERNET

Atelier Bernet

Felletin, Francia


At the Workshop, the work is done in accordance with the ancestral know-how which has been on Unesco’s World Intangible Heritage List since 2009. In Aubusson, the "basse-lisse" traditional weaving consists in fastening the work horizontally thanks to the warp of cotton which is stretched out between the two warp beams of the loom...
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... Apart from the main production of ancient or contemporary traditional wall tapestry, the Workshop also carries out real woven installations, short pile rugs, soft furnishings, interior decoration. It may also restore the "relais" seams of some tapestries.


Atelier Bernet

Catherine BERNET – Lissier- Tapisserie d’Aubusson

Pour moi, chaque tissage nous plonge dans une aventure humaine et artistique toujours renouvelée où l’on fait des rencontres qu’on ne pourrait faire nulle part ailleurs. Chaque tapisserie est unique et porte trace de cette charge émotionnelle.
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