7 uccello del paradiso h 180x120 cm

Ezio Vivarelli

Vetro in Arte

Casale Corte Cerro, Italia


“Vetro in Arte” mainly designs and carries out artistic glass windows and doors. It works on the domestic and international market with top quality products by using the entire range of known techniques as well as new techniques experimented and prepared in the laboratory...
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... The work of our laboratory is characterised by the widely recognised originality of the projects whose creativity and technical skill are considered unique by everyone, and extends its activity to the design and execution of interior artistic decoration integrating together different techniques (stained glass, stuccoes and frescoes). Our products are divided in: ● Stained glass windows baked at a very high temperature ("GranFuoco") – Sacred and profane. ● Stained glasses with the Tiffany technique ● DOMES and INTERIOR LIGHTS. ● All-sized domes with or without metal structure. ● Mirrors with inserts painted at a very high temperature. ● Sculptures and bas-relief with sand-jet treatment with shaving light. ● Stratified artistic safety glass windows (shower box). ● Stuccoes and frescoes. ● Restorations: conservative and supplementary ● Private residence in the Principality of Monaco “So far we have never refused any request, even if complex” We are able to deal with any kind of commitment.
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