Julie pouillon workshop

Julie Pouillon

Atelier Julie Pouillon - restauration d’oeuvres d’art

París, Francia


Este profesional posee un diploma en conservación-restauración del patrimonio cultural: École de Condé, Paris. Diplômée au titre de Restaurateur-Conservateur des biens culturels

I am a paintings restorer specialized in the treatment of ancient, modern and contemporary art.

My work is to accompany any holder of cultural property in the safeguarding of their heritage...

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... Previously, I took a training course in restoration of easel paintings at the Condé School Paris. Following this and the knowledge that I acquired during my professional experiences, I made the choice to open my own workshop in January 2017. From then on, I had the opportunity to work on extremely varied and atypical works such as those of the Greek artist Pavlos Dionyssopoulos. If I made the choice to become a restorer, it is first of all that I have the desire to revive damaged property.

So that they can last in time and be passed on to future generations. In this sense, I consider myself to be a privileged being because I have the chance to be able to approach works of art so closely but also, for the role of sharing and transmission which is mine.

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