Laurent Van Gansen Table merisier

Laurent Van gansen

Laurent Van Gansen

Sombreffe, Bélgica


The sheather - gilder creates or recreates as before leather covers for old and contemporary furniture. The leathers are decorated with various gold or embossed motifs. The choice of the leather is done according to the piece of furniture, its color but also to the desires of the owners...

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... A wide range of gold patterns is proposed to reproduce the original decoration of your piece of furniture but also to compose a more personal gilt.

This year 2014, my work has been rewarded by obtaining the First Prize of Best Brussels Craftman.

The sheath-making may be produced on old and contemporary various furniture such as :

  • - desks and worktables,
  • - secretaires,
  • -slides of bibliotheque,
  • - chests with board boxes,
  • - games tables,
  • - chests,
  • - stationery,
  • - storage boxes for collection and luxury objects,..

 This list is non-exhaustive and any specific request can be studied.  We also create specific and personal objects such as exhibition pedestal, storage boxes,.


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