Matteo Seguso - Engraver on crystal and glass

Matteo Seguso

Matteo Seguso Incisore d’Arte su Vetro

Venecia, Italia


Matteo Seguso was born in 1973 in Venice, and since then lives and works in Murano. He inherited the love for engraving from his father, Master Bruno Seguso. Since his childhood, Matteo started to attend the workshop Seguso & Linzi, created by his father Bruno Seguso and the partner Paolo Linzi in 1954, and approached this art as a game...
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... After graduating, in 1993, he spent some years in which he made the most varied working experience before dedicate himself completely to the learning of the art of engraving. His teachers are his father, Paolo, his uncle Mario Seguso , and the master engraver Vittorio Barbini who is now living in Brazil and who also started his career of engraver by Seguso & Linzi. In the 1999 he becomes partner of the Seguso & Linzi, and in 2006 Seguso opened his own studio Matteo Seguso Engraver of art on Glass , where he begins to improve his technique and collaborate with various international artists, with the main glass factory of Murano, and shortly thereafter began working with Lino Tagliapietra. Always in search of new stimuli and ideas to be developed, today is one of the youngest performer of the traditional engraver technique hand-made. His engraved surfaces adorn pieces in many private collections around the world.
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