Joyero (Joyería fina)

anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti

Massimiliano Arriga, Hand craft jewellery.

I imagine,design,build and finish unique pieces of jewellery,objects and accessories. I set all my stones, I sculpter and melt wax, I engrave and model metals and wood.
anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti
strumenti di lavoro
strumenti di lavoro
Stage de créativité au Mont-Pèlerin

Stage de créativité en bijouterie-joaillerie au Mont-Pèlerin avec Nadja Lokschin, et Patricia Pittet.

Laissez parler votre intuition et libérez votre créativité ! Façonner la matière, harmoniser les formes, rechercher les proportions qui vous touchent… qu'il s'agisse de sculpture ou de bijoux, Patricia Pittet, sculptrice et Nadja Lokschin, bijoutière-joaillière, ...
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Oscar Ollé

Òscar Ollé, ebanista – Barcelona, España

Cuando torneaba un trozo de Platanero que corté con mis propias manos, un arbol que me vio crecer, conservé y tuve cura de la madera durante años para depues trabajarla y crear una pieza única, ...
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Vicenta Gracia Joyas - ANILLO WATER BERYL


Through reading the Sufi poetry I realized that the gardens were described as jeweled lands. They described plants and flowers as precious stones and that made me think that we could make a personal universe...
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Maud traon the lucky peral necklace baroque pearls labradorite hematite jet quartz marquise cut cz stones tourmaline resin glitter silver

Maud Traon, jeweller since 2010. United Kingdom

The advantage of the young generation is their natural ability with new technologies and social media which can be a big plus to showing their work. Building a jewellery business or a craft business is ...
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Laura balzelli catene in oro copia

Laura Balzelli, jeweler and designer for 40 years. Italy

Follow your dreams and passions because you are the most important things and most satisfying of life.
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Les workbench1

Lesley Zijlstra-Eyre, goldsmith since 2009. Netherlands

I don’t wait for the right customer to come along, I get out there to find the right customer. Sometimes I will design conservatively other days my designs may be bold and unpredictable…it doesn’t matter ...
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