L'ànima d'un perfum - The soul of a perfume

The soul of experimental perfume

Following the award for the experimental perfume "Sense Nom" (No Name) and the nomination for the creation "Oli sobre Tela” (Oil on Canvas) at the Top Artisan Fragrances Awards 2022 in USA, made in Tiana by the Master Perfumer of El Jardí Secret®, this event will share the secret world...
In search of the Secret Perfumer of the Arts

In search of the Secret Perfumer of the Arts

Bcn Art Lab ®  is the studio of experimentation, exhibition and learning of the creative perfumery of El Jardí Secret ®, founded by the Master  Perfumer Esperança Cases Prats Focused on the art of perfumery excellence, emerged from the craft techniques that extol the rich qualities of natural materials in...
Parfum 43
Mirins Copenhagen - Jane Pawiroredjo
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