Weaving, Textile Design & Painting courses in Florence at Aphorisma – Italy

The studio and the courses are directed by weaver and textile designer Anna Silberschmidt and artist Nicola Sansò.

Studio Aphorisma’s professional weaving atelier is located on a hill near Florence, in a former farmhouse. It represents a reference and cultural exchange point for people boasting different experiences in the textile and art sectors. During certain periods throughout the year, it turns into an open lab where courses are offered that focus on teaching weaving techniques, fabric design and art subjects. 

The courses are based on three main aspects: creativity, manual skills and research. Starting from a common theme proposed by us every year, the participants can develop their design and fabric samples, by gaining their inspiration from the most typical features of the Tuscan landscape and the local culture

Contact name : Anna Silberschmidt

Names of the trainings: Weaving, Textile Design & Painting
Length: 6 or 10 days
Price: 580 € for 6 days / 810 € for 10 days (VAT included)
Training location: Via Cellole 18, I-50025 Montespertoli, Firenze, Italy
Admission conditions: Courses are open to everybody

Tel Number: +39 348 111 9570
Email: aphorisma@virgilio.it
Website: www.weaving-courses.com
Max attending people:  

Other information:  Upon request, Studio Aphorisma offers customized weaving and fabric design courses addressed to small groups of people who wish to gain further knowledge on specific topics.


Note: Weaving and painting courses take place simultaneously.

Weaving: Line: space and surface
Painting: Line: space and surface
25th May – 3rd June 
3rd – 12th August 
18th – 23rd September
Contact: aphorisma@virgilio.it

MonochromeThe Colours of Nature – the Nature of Colours
28th – 30th September 
Contact: aphorisma@virgilio.it

Special course: Fabric Design Course (Pitti FIlati)
29th June – 4th July   See full program on www.weaving-courses.com 


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