The European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) were created in 2002 upon the request of the French government to derive value from the nation’s enormous intangible assets as a way to highlight its living heritage. They are organised by the National Institute of Arts and Crafts (INMA) in France. Due to the success of these days in France, they now take place across Europe throughout the month of April: workshops and training schools open their doors and demonstrations are held. The specific skills mastered by artisans and craftsmen are a treasure that needs to be shared and transmitted to protect our shared European heritage, this is why these events constitute a great opportunity to learn more about countries and regions in an original way that brings people together.


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1-7 April

INMA – Institut National Métiers d’Art Contact:
Camille Bidaut –
Céline Franceschini –

« Métiers d’art, signatures des territoires » theme this year’s edition. Promoting the imprint of the crafts as local signatures, defending the current French genius incarnated by the craft sector and the contemporary know-how it implements: in 2019 lets make the public discover the vitality of these crafts of excellence in their contemporary expressions and their territorial anchorage, inherited from transmitted and reinvented know-how.

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5-7 April

Chamber of Trade – Craft branch

Contact: Ms. Brigitte Wimmer
Tel. 01 /514 50 – 2458

In April a large number of Viennese artisans will open their studios and provide an insight into the colorful diversity of their craft. In addition, many museums will offer not only discounted entry fees, but also special craft tours and workshops.


Leopold Museum in the Museums’ District – 6th April from 11.00
€2,00 discount + free special tour to the « Wiener Werkstätte »
Website :

MAK – Österreichisches Museum für angewandte Kunst
6th April from 15.00 – Dialogführungen
7th April from 11.00 – Experiment Tunkpapier: the rediscovery of an old technique dating back to 1900 – €2,00 discount + free tour
Website :

Wiener Schuhmuseum – 5th to 7th April from 14.00 to 18.00
Visitors are given the opportunity to learn about technical processes, materials, traditional techniques and the development history of the shoe.
Website :

Haus der Musik – 5th to 7th April from 10.00 to 22.00
€4,00 discount – Website :

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1 – 7 April

RAM « Central Stara Planina »
Website :
Contact : (Executive Director) Ms. Mariela Petrova Tel. +359 66804613

For the fifth consecutive year the Centra Stara Planina will coordinate the European Artistic Crafts Days in the Bulgarian municipalities

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5 – 7 April

Chambers of Trade – Handcrafts

Website :
Contacts : Berlin: Ms. Elke Sarkandy
Tel.: (030) 259 03 – 230

Brandenburg: Ms. Katja Wolf
Tel. 0331 3703-153

Cottbus: Mr. Michel Havasi
Tel. 0355 7835-200

Frankfurt/Oder Region Ostbrandenburg: Mr. Michael Thieme
Tel. 0335 5619-108

Chemnitz: Mr. Andrea D’Alessandro
Tel.: 0371 5364-203

Dresden: Ms. Christine Zeidler
Tel.: +49(0)351 4640 949                                       

Hannover: Ms. Sabine Wilp
Tel.: (05 11) 3 48 59 – 36                                          

Leipzig: Ms. Emily Foth and Ms. Anett Fritzsche
Tel. : 0341 2188-323 or – 238            

Tel.: 06131 9992-327/328

Ready for the 6th edition of ETAK (Europäischen Tages des Kunsthandwerks) : the regions of Berlin, Brandenburg, Chemnitz, Dresden, Hannover, Leipzig and Rheinland-Pfalz are going to be filled with art, tradition and crafts !

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1-7 April

Design and Crafts Council of Ireland
(Client Liaison) Ms.Mary Whelan
tel. +353 (056) 779 6131
The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland is inviting Guilds, Associations, Networks and Societies (GANS) and craft studios to participate in European Artistic Crafts Days 2019.

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5-7 April

National Association of Traditional Creative Houses :
Contact: (President) Ms. Prokné Tirner Gyöngyi  
tel. 0692312744 – mobile: 06205568086

Association of Hungarian Folk Artists :
Contact: (International relations) Ms. Maria Ferencz

Hungarian Heritage House:
Contacts: (International relations) – Ms. Zsuzsanna Kerényi
Tel. +36 70 505 79 52 / +36 1 225 6097

Ms. Katalin Szilárd
Tel. +36 70 379 1106 / +36 1 225 6097

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1 – 7 Avril

VenetoFondo Plastico – Venice Craft Week
Contact: (Director) Ms. Federica Preto
Tel. +39 423.951725 

In occasion of the GEMA 2019 the Master Artisans of Tuscany will open their workshops for a rich and interesting program of initiatives. The workshops of the Master Craftsmen in the provinces of Florence, Siena, Arezzo, Pisa, Lucca, Prato, Grosseto can be visited to get to know the art professions closely.

Sardinia – Associazione Culturale Artimanos
Website: Sardegna 2019

Lombardy – Gemonio
Museo Civico Floriano Bodini: La Giornata della Ceramica – Ceramic Day (05/05/19) £
ontacts: tel. +39 349 2267457

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5-7 April

Latvian national culture center
(Director) Ms. Signe Pujāte tel. +371 67228985
(Deputy Director) Ms. Andis Groza – tel. +371 26167432
(Head of the Department of Intangible Cultural Heritage)Ms.Sarmite Pāvulena – tel. 67228985

In April the 11th edition of the event “Meet Your Master!” will take place alongside the European Artistic Crafts Days. The organizers of “Meet Your Masters!” wish to promote co-operation between local communities, non-governmental organizations, state and local government institutions, as well as private organizations in identifying and promoting the intangible cultural heritage and its experts, as well as the tradition of Song and Dance Celebration.

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1-7 April

Fundesarte EOI
Contact : Laura Miguel Baumann:

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5-7 April

Association Suisse des Métiers d’Art
Contact : Mr. Thierry Hogan –
Tel : +41 79 209 75 18
Website :
Switzerland has been participating in the European Days of Crafts since 2012 on the initiative of the City of Geneva. Joined by the Canton of Vaud in 2014, by the Republic and Canton of Jura, by the Republic and Canton of Geneva in 2015 and, since 2016, by the Republic and Canton of Neuchâtel.
Genève: The need for authenticity
Neuchâtel: A fascinating and too-little-known universe
Vaud: The astonishing modernity of crafts


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