Material : Tissus - étoffes - matériaux textiles

Marble-Black Onyx Rotating Serving Stand with ornament of the letters "A" & "N" and the silk scarf with letter "A" ornament
Oksana Levchenya/ OLK Manufactory.
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Creation process 6 author olha pilyuhina copy.jpg
LOUISE, 1770 English Gown
Très grande capeline feutre laine + Plume Autruche

Véronique Bahuaud - Atelier Chapotis

Sainte-Catherine, France

Antonio Molina
Anciens outils pour la dorure
Snake twill and 8 row of broken twill
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Cci04112017 0004
Myriam berry hoornaert l enrubannee detail
Tipografia grifani donati - workshop
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