Dicmebre 2013

Daniela Natali

Natali Daniela

Pontassieve, Italie


Daniela Natali is a florentine artisan who has worked for twenty years in the internationally best known workshop for the production of tables and objects in Scagliola. Daniela Natali’s scagliola production represents the themes proper to the centuries from the sixteenth to the nineteenth, not only in relation to the ones used in Scagliola, but also the "pietra dura" (marble inlaying, which Scagliola was considered a minor art)...
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... The working technique of Daniela Natali is the same used centuries ago; also materials and tools are essentially the same, except for a few essential updates (such as sanding with abrasive paper in place of pumice). Daniela Natali produces tables and paintings in Scagliola. Both can be realized on a Scagliola plane or a marble (or slate) plane. Even if full scagliola artworks are identical to the antiques, marble and slate are often preferred, being stronger and brighter. The term “scagliola” refers to a variety of gypsum found in nature in the form of lamina and chips (“scaglia”, in Italian) . So that “scagliola” gave its name to a particular inlay work technique that uses the scagliola itself, together with other common materials, such as colored pigments and natural glue mixed together. In 16th century the scagliola was mostly used to mimic marble veining and marquetry. Subsequently, the pliability of the mix was discovered and the elaborative technique. In 17th century the “Scagliola” was no more considered a cheap imitation of inlaying marble (“pietra dura”); at that time Scagliola became a true artistic expression itself. It demonstrated to be capable to figure a wider range of colors to build great impact masterpieces.
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