Ernesto Carati

Carati Ambrogio snc di Carati Ambrogio e figli

Milan, Italie


The workshop of Carati Ambrogio was established by Enrico Carati in 1894. Through the century it has remained the family company. Today Ernesto and Francesco represent the fourth generation of the Ambrogio bronze workers...
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... The workshop specializes in creating furnitures and accessories in brass and bronze. However, having assembled the skills to design and work in bronze, the workshop has extended its artisanal production: fittings for furniture in classic styles (especially French and Italian from 16th to 19th century; the realization of the most varied lighting accessories; furnishings; accessories for bathrooms; kits for upholstery; harness fireplace and ornaments and seals for door handles vents plates etc. The experience accumulated over more than a century allows to the workshop adapt the knowledge with today’s technology, such as the restoration of a 17th century crucefix. The work and passion of the various generations of Carati, as well as the loyalty of customers, obtained several national and international prestigious awards. This is an incentive to continue this activity, that can look anachronistic and obsolete, but with its uniqueness carves out a unique space in the contemporary reality of the work world.
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