Fernando Malo Alcrudo

Fernando Malo

San Mateo de Gállego, Espagne


Ce professionnel est titulaire d'un diplôme en conservation-restauration du patrimoine culturel: Escuela Massana. Cerámica.

Ce professionnel enseigne son métier et propose des formations.

Ce professionnel est un membre de

Cerámica Artesanal para la restauración de Monumentos Histórico - Artísticos. Cerámica Mudéjar. Cerámica Artística, pieza única. Works in the Restoration of the Artistic Heritage of Mudejar art for the most representative monuments such as the Aljafería, the Cathedral of Zaragoza, the Utebo tower and the Alhambra in Granada. Fernando Malo's creative work has been inspired since its origin in the ancestral tradition of the Earth, primitive forms, sensitivity, interplay of nature, union of technique and gesture. Through contact with the Mudejar ceramic models, a creation emerges that melds the aesthetics of the last Islamic period in the Iberian Peninsula with the new trends in contemporary art that he calls Mudéjar S.XXI.
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