Apple tree bowl - Ryszard Donitza

Ryszard Donitza

TwD s.c.

gmina Krapkowice, Pologne


My name is Richard Donitza. I have 66 years, I was born in Brożec (province. Opole). I graduated from High School in Głogówek, and then a degree in mechanical in Opole. By profession I am a teacher...

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... Today, I am happy to have the well-deserved retirement. Since the first elections to the regional council, that is, since 1998, I am constantly councilor Opole Province, and in 1998-2010 and Deputy Regional Assembly.

After 80s when the broders with West opened, many residents of Silesia, my friends started to visit their relatives in Germany and needed gifts. I performed primarily three-arm chandeliers and flowerbeds. Since the brother-in-law was a carpenter, I had access to a machines and I did a lot of things for home with him: rolling table legs, benches,...

We are happy to share also my experience with anyone who would like a very old and interesting crafts to do. Now I decided to share my experience with peopole who are interested in learning this crafts.

I use different types of wood in my works.

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