Nain de jardin en faience realise par coulage de barbotine tirage limite a 25 exemplaires

Sophie Giet


Liège, Belgique


Sophie Giet completed her training in the restoration and preservation of objets d’art in 2000, and practised as a freelance professional ceramics restorer from 2000 to 2008.
After this she pursued a change of direction, moving into the plastic arts.
Part of her work involves experimenting with a broad range of materials and formal artistic disciples, the fruit of which is the realisation of unique creations.
She also devotes much of her time to pursuit of her specialism in ceramics...
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... Her methods include assembly and model making, and she finishes her works using moulding reproduction techniques and hand casting, in order to craft a small series of everyday objects.
From 2011 to 2015, her experience in the field of restoration and preservation led to her joining the team of teachers at the Haute Ecole des Arts Saint Luc in Liège, working on the conservation and restoration of ceramics and glass.                                       
In parallel, she continues to pursue her studio work, leading to the creation in 2014.
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