Peter Thumm - Alle fische im netz 8 5x68cm gegen den strom 100x54cm fischschwarm d 52cm

Thumm Peter

Atelier d Art Peter Thumm

Grimaud, France


For more than 25 years, Peter Thumm mastered with brio all the technical facets of the art of ceramics, which allows him a full freedom for wholly dedicating himself to artistic creation. As well as commissioned works, unique pieces are created in his studios, and also sometimes limited series, which are stamped with his very own style...
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... Peter Thumm likes breaking the severity of geometric forms – sphere, cone, hexagon, octagon and cube – through decoration at times inspired by models from classical antiquity. Frescos and reliefs are covered with figurative motifs full of bright colours in lively rhythmic ornaments where themes like “dance and movement” or “mankind and nature” are revolving. The artistic creations of Peter Thumm attest to his wish to put into dialogue various cultural worlds and art forms. His work merges painting, sculpture and architecture into one creative uniqueness.
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