Buffet contemporain en noyer massif
Applying urushi by brush

Ancient Urushi craft

I would describe myself primarily as an Urushi Artist and I work together with my wife Marina who is similarly skilled. I am also a designer/cabinetmaker and it was through my work in this trade that I became aware of Urushi lacquer decorative finishes. Urushi is the name given Japanese...
Lampe "Goutte d'Eau"
Christian Masche - Dose-boot
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Large ornament - Dušan Rakić

Dušan Rakić, marquetry artist since 2012. Serbia

Every man possesses some talents - that persevering work and developing your own creativity leads you to a better man in yourself. A better and more creative man who creates the beauty, creates a better and more beautiful world.
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Carlo apollo best pieces 1

Carlo Apollo, wooden floors designer since 1978. Italy

Craftsmanship is an uproarious adventure: it is the occasion to invent something new, to create ourselves and to to give a contribution to the beauty of the world. There is not anything more beautiful than to have in our hands something created by our own strengths and our own imagination.
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Antonello Puddu, woodworker since 2006. Italy

I believe that one of the most important part of my work is the choice of the piece of wood to be worked. I always try to choose to discarded pieces because I want to give to them a completely new life as a piece of art.
Carlo apollo best pieces 1
Kristian Frandsen
Vito Salerno - Tavolo
Norbert Storbeck work
Kinoka original
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