Orfèvre / Pétissier / Argentier / Polisseur

Gorgonia de Ardentia
Sculpture "Structure Végétale » Laiton et maillechort, mit en forme. Eau forte, martelage, diamantage. Boule en bois massif et socle en acier.
anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti

Massimiliano Arriga, Hand craft jewellery.

I imagine,design,build and finish unique pieces of jewellery,objects and accessories. I set all my stones, I sculpter and melt wax, I engrave and model metals and wood.
anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti
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Charlotte Anne Duckworth – Silversmith

The biggest hurdle in starting up a business is continuous need to believe in yourself. There will be highs and lows, and moments where you question why you are doing what you are doing. Then every so often, you have an experience that makes the struggle worthwhile. Taking opportunities that...
Mary Ann Simmons - Silverware
Glauco Cambi - Ring in silver with rutilated quartz
Bondarowski - Krzysztof Konrad Bondaruk
Antracite Gioielli - Sergio Figar
12 pendants & silver natural dry flowers
Ti2bis filets - Bernard FRIZZA
Vinegar and oil, Barbara Amstutz
Coppa paul - Tommaso Pestelli
Ismael Conder Ruiz - Silverware
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