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Spiralling Yellow Prime Numbers Bowl (CC)


30 cm diameter slip cast moulded bowl, exposed coloured underglazes and coloured matt glazes, inside and out.

The triangular colour sequence is generated by prime numbers: each prime numbered triangle is yellow and as each triangle in the sequence gets further from a prime number the darker it becomes. Rather like a flint stone, the outer surface of this bowl is dull and rough while its inside has a jewel-like intensity of colours; however, there is a glimpse of the inside pattern on the outside, as the yellow prime numbered triangles are replicated on the outer face. The thinness of the casting underpins the delicacy of the piece.


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Designed and made by Caroline Cole

"I make one off pieces, generally on commission. I am intrigued by the way that geometries distort when painted in three-dimensions and how a twist or turn to a simple shape can have a profound effect on how a surface pattern is perceived. The patterns I make are highly geometric, sometimes inspired by repetitive configurations in nature, sometimes following sequences founded on prime numbers. Spirals and ovals have been a particular obsession. I am continually amazed by the depth of colour that can be achieved by layering glazes. I combine rough underglazed finishes with more traditional matt or polished glazes to add intrigue to each piece and create subtle variations in tone and intensity. At the moment I am working primarily with slip cast moulds, which enable me to make more than one piece of the same shape. This allows me to investigate my other fascination, namely reflections and inversions.". C.Cole





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