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3 vases from "Malleable tradition" No.2 (EA)


Set of 3 vases from the "Malleable tradition" series No:2, made in semi-porcelain, fired in 1200 degree Celsius.

Made under glaze and over glaze screen prints on porcelain, hand painted golden lustrine.

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Designed and made by Edina Andrasi

In my work I have made an attempt to insert our age’s surface-level expressions into a model well known from the traditional folk art heritage. In past eras Chinese vases, Greek dishes, folk jugs were all recording their ages determining pulses on pottery vessels decoration. What can be today's iconic form and decoration, which is equivalent to the natural forms drafted symbolic ornaments from the past? In this work the traditional ornament is distorted by a personal viewpoint. This view is affected by the age in which I live, the material world, the technology, the digital user life form. One of the most important area that uses the electronic gadgets is the media. Formed picture of our world is no longer just based on ours private convictions and our information gained empirically. Moreover, we find that our real everyday existence is determined as a function of the virtual world. This makes the generally used electronic parts in „our universe” such a significant element.

I am an artist working with porcelain since eight years now, trying to fathom every possibility of the material. Since porcelain and ceramic craft is so old, they are very evocative as well. I strive to recall these historical notions of the material while reaching toward contemporary issues and new aesthetic qualities.





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