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‘Aane’, grey & pink shades necklace


Handmade necklace with Murano glass beads

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Plus d'infos...

Handmade by Anuschka Bayens

Transparent pink beads are handmade with Murano glass, on the torch, one by one. All my beads are properly annealed in a kiln to ensure strength and durability. Wooden grey beads are from Spain. Grey glass paste beads are from Ghana. The 2 metal elements are Baoulé weights from Ivory Coast: bronze, lost wax technique with a fine layer of silver. Pink glass beads that finish off the necklace are from Czechia.

Aane means 'yes' in Baulé (Akan ethnic group, Ivory Coast). This collection centers around Baoulé weights. Metal beads made out of bronze with a fine layer of gold or silver. Lost wax technique: each bead is unique. But also around glass beads I made on the torch in transparent colors and organic shapes.


More about the maker...

Bubbles in hot glass blow round. Glass that melts will not make angles, it will always flow along curves. I naturally tend to work with curves in my sculptural work, probably also because I have been designing jewelry for over 20 years now. It is my passion for beads that lead me to work with glass and explore its various techniques.

Glass is a magic and versatile medium that offers transparency and opacity, plasticity and hardness, softness and roughness… Most of my pieces are unique, or part of small series, whether it is a piece of jewelry, a sculpture, a painting or a functional piece. My work very often is about the repetition of simple elements. It finds its energy, its meaning and uniqueness in my personal experiences. 

Today, I live between Brussels and Murano, the island of Glass. I exhibit regularly in Belgium, France and abroad.  In Venice, I found the Laguna from my childhood in Abidjan, the circle of Life brought me to where I belong.





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