This room is decorated with Chinese furniture and decorations that transport you to the Far East. The furniture decorations, whether carved, pierced or painted, frequently refer to the Chinese opera. This eccentric style was really popular in Europe, therefore we know that they were produced to be exported. Europeans loved richly adorned furniture, while Chinese preferred plain ones. The elaborate wallpaper of the Chinese salon was taken down, repaired in the workshop, and then reinstated.

Every Chinese furniture, whether closets, bedside tables, chests, bed frames, tables, or chairs, is made completely of wood. Ebony is without a doubt the most commonly utilised wood for creating these huge and long-lasting pieces of furniture. This is high-quality, long-lasting furniture. Different types of wood are also used to construct Chinese furniture, and they are distinguished mostly by their fragrant characteristics. They are always incredibly durable woods that provide a lot of strength to each piece of furniture. 

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Inlays, carvings, and gilding are almost usually found on Chinese furniture. They may also have brass or other metal inserts, particularly in the door and drawer closures. Chinese furniture, on the other hand, never has excessive or heavy embellishments. On the contrary, even the most ornate Chinese furniture remains very modest and elementary, demonstrating the beauty that the Chinese people have always desired in their home.


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