Business Area: Decorazione - architettura d'interni

Bronze bell.

Gigo Iakobashvili - Phery Jewelry

Tbilisi, Georgia

Hunting scene
Marble-Black Onyx Rotating Serving Stand with ornament of the letters "A" & "N" and the silk scarf with letter "A" ornament
Productos. Pruducts
Tocchi di Colore
Cimetiere de Quenast, Sgraffites attribues à Crespin
Panneau en stuc - cliché de Philippe de Formanoir
Oksana Levchenya/ OLK Manufactory.
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Creation process 6 author olha pilyuhina copy.jpg
Gushka wool weaving
Mariia Kalyniuk, ukrainian weaver
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