Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Hand made shoes classes
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome
Calzoleria Petrocchi - Rome

Calzolaio - Calzoleria Petrocchi - Italia


Shoe making at Calzoleria Petrocchi - ROME - Italy

Since  1946, the Historical shop in Rome "Calzoleria Petrocchi" is specialized in hand made shoes made to measure for  men and women.

Content of the training : Construction technique and stitching of footwear and technical modeling. Theoretical and practical technique of constuction of the shoe , the form of measuring, modeling for men and women , technique of shoe repairs. 

The classes will be given once a month, during the week end (15 hours per week end) from October to June, and for two years.

Max attending people : max 3 student
Price :  € 600,00 (more VAT)  for   each week end.

Training language : Italian & English

Training location : Vicolo Sugarelli 2, Rome 
Admission conditions : Motivational interviewing and minimum practical attitude
Next training start : on request with a minimum of 3 students

Tel Number : +39066876289 
Email :
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Hand made shoes - DécoltéCompany Profile

The Calzoleria Petrocchi was born in Rome in Via Sistina in 1956 from an idea of Tito Petrocchi. These were the years of the economic boom and the Dolce Vita and shoemaking, by the fantasy of its founder, he immediately begins to work with the Teatro Sistina and Cinecittà. Those years are the major film productions, such as making sandals for the protagonist of the film "Ulysses" Kirk Douglas and Silvana Mangano and implementation of footwear for the protagonists of the film "War and Peace" Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer. In 1956 Tito Petrocchi receives the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition in Monaco of Bavaria.
In 1972, the Calzoleria is inherited by Bruno Ridolfi, grandson of Petrocchi, and the 80 are the collaborations with directors of Italian cinema such as Sergio Leone, for which the shoe makes the shoes of the protagonist of the film "Once Upon a Time in America, "Robert De Niro. Over the years, the shoe has made shoes for many models and movie stars who used to Petrocchi a personal basis or for the sake of entertainment, such as Toto, Mastroianni, Morricone, Valentina Cortese, Omar Sharif, Anthony Quinn, Marlene Dietrich, Francesco Rosi ... and many others.
Since 2003 and now the shoe is led by Daniela Petrocchi Ridolfi, daughter of Bruno, who follows the commercial aspect of the shoe. The clientele is definitely changed from the beginning until today, many are now international customers, especially the U.S. and Japan, which combine the visit of the historical and archaeological beauties of the Eternal City 'desire to be make a pair of bespoke shoes in the historic workshop . Since 2008 collaborates with Calzoleria Petrocchi Marco Cecchi, a master craftsman who are entrusted with the technical aspect of the shoe. Marco Cecchi was formed in Rome at the most important handicraft industry and has over thirty years.
The Calzoleria Petrocchi was awarded the prize in 2002 Master Craft by the Municipality of Rome, is part of Rome Excelsa also his archive was awarded by the Ministry of Culture of the certification of the Archive of the twentieth century, as an archive of great cultural interest.

The story ...

Many movie stars, the masters of art and music, the creators of high fashion, the world of business and aristocracy, between the fifties and seventies have left the imprint of their foot in the shop on Via Sistina , by Petrocchi.
The secret of such success could be explained in a few words: simplicity, true elegance, good taste and classicism.  These were the four axes that Tito did not hide some Petrocchi sleeve.
And that led to the international recognition of his style gold medal exposure of Monaco of Bavaria in 1956.
The only "bizarre" to the classic Petrocchi he allowed were made at the heels famous the "mambo", launched by Mangano in the film of the same name, the brilliant heel "chisel" interpretation "Petrocchiana" the stiletto heel and the tip of the beak duck in men's footwear.
Since then, the history of style "Petrocchi" has never stopped and today this family tradition continues ....
The work was done and is done entirely by hand using the finest leathers and skins, domestic and foreign. 
The style "Petrocchi" They're not allowed himself to be caught by the haste of modern times, playing the "classic" according to his tradition.

shoe forms

The machining ... 

The construction of a shoe is a highly complex operation which is accomplished through a series of steps performed in our workshop entirely by hand. It starts by taking measures of both feet, indicating any irregularities on paper.
On this measure are built wooden forms that are modified according to the characteristics of the foot. And 'This is one of the most important on which the final result. In a second step is realized on which the pattern is cut the hide chosen by the customer. The leather is sewn together to form the upper. You will then go to the construction of the shoe through the assembly of the upper to the sole.
The Calzoleria Petrocchi place as a time hand-sewn shoes with Goodyear: needle and thread in the hands of Marco Cecchi are woven together between the upper and the insole welt. The leather sole is then applied to the welt sewing it. Another technique is the "Norwegian" with even more elaborate variant called "Tyrolean". This type of process consists of 3 seams. Finally it realizes the heel constructed entirely of leather layer by layer.
The shoes are made Petrocchi so ready and can be parades in the shape of wood on which were built.  Not right away though! In fact take a few days of "rest" to ensure that the work is realized to the fullest!