Amaryn necklace with onyx

Anna Tetlow

Amaryn jewellery

London, Regno Unito


Anna Maryniak, the designer behind Amaryn Jewellery, creates distinctive pieces that represent timeless charm and beauty. The aesthetics of Anna’s designs are about subtle organic forms combined with modern elegance...

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... She is fascinated by nature and in particular the microflora and the beauty of small intricate organisms living in symbiotic clusters. To mirror the diversity of micro and macro organic shapes, Anna uses different metal finishes and a variety of pearls, precious and semi-precious stones. Anna sets them in metal formed under great pressure. Her designs are spontaneous and in part result from the processes used. Distorted precious metal dominates and envelops and embraces delicate stones and pearls. The biomorphic nature of Amaryn jewellery makes the pieces blend harmoniously with the anatomical lines of the human form. Each piece is individually made to create contemporary and elegant jewellery.

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