Square collage 14x14 contemporary buttons 1 copy

Anna McDowell

Henry’s Buttons

North Dorset, Regno Unito


Anna McDowell works in fabrics and gathers inspiration from the traditional craft of Dorset Buttons, thread buttony. Anna’s background is in museums and is a keen devotee of heritage and how local crafts how these techniques of working these buttons can be brought into the 21st century...
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... Today she helps raise awareness of the heritage skill of Dorset Buttony by using the traditional way of making these buttons using contemporary materials. Most of her work is based on a ring and she uses anything from a 5mm ring for small fine work including jewellery pieces to a 60cm hoop for wall art. Most of her textiles are vintage or ethically sourced and include fabrics, ribbons, lace, yarns and beads.
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