Antosa Isherwood

Antosa De La Rose

Fife, Regno Unito


Antosa Isherwood Art Historian (MA Aberdeen University)Creator of Biogeometric φ Art Designs, published children’s Author, Illustrator ©™Artist & Creative Glass designer specialising in recreating the ancient art of Hand Painting on glass & Enamelling( former Harley Street Consultant in Holistic Health & Beauty) My research as an Art Historian has been most interesting; my research has taken time & patience and with a fine tooth comb I have been able to lovingly uncover more and more interesting facts about ancient floor coverings which evolved into my highly specialized Biogeometric φ Art Designs...
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... My Research into Toile Cirée date back to the 14th century France where painted oil cloths/canvases were used as decorative wall hangings and table coverings. This once flourishing industry has been all but forgotten, mainly because so few examples have survived. Now that I have launched Antosa De La Rose Hand painted floor coverings Designs & Biogeometric φ Art Designs, the combination of my heart which just so much loves Creativity and Art along with my academic mind and thirst for knowledge of Art History research. I look forward very much to re-creating ancient hand painted floor coverings Biogeometric φ Art Designs and creating unique hand painted enamelled Whisky glasses that will be treasured for generations to come. Every hand painted Art Design is Bespoke & lovingly handcrafted which takes time however to own one of my work is to inherit a piece of treasured Art and future heirloom.
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