REbirth, glass, sandcasting, 45 x 37cm, 2017

Anuschka Bayens

AnuschB, Glass Artist

Overijse, Belgio


Questo professionista insegna la sua professione e propone corsi di formazione.

My passion for beads found on the markets in Abidjan when I was a child, led me into working with glass and exploring its many different techniques: hot and cold. Glass is a versatile medium that holds infinite possibilities...
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... It offers transparency and opacity, plasticity and hardness, softness and roughness… It allows beauty and emotions to pass through it … it calls for touching and feeling … It is that duality in glass that I like to explore as it is a reflection of my roots: both African and European, of what I show and hold inside, of my homes in Belgium and Italy … My work is rooted in my personal history and my childhood in Africa. It is very intimate, yet universal.
Leggi in :French & Flemish BIO - Education  Glassblowing 
  • 2013 – Davide Salvadore, Murano, IT
  • 2012 - Yann Oulevay at Musée-Atelier du verre de Sars Poteries, FR
  • 2012- Giancarlo Signoretto at Abate Zanetti, Murano, IT
  • 2011 – 3 days individual course with Dominique Marcadé, FR
Lampworking, beadmaking :
  • 2008 - Larry Scott
  • 2008  - Kate Fowle Meleney
  • 2006 – Kristina Logan
  • 2006 - Jean-Pierre Baquère
  • 2005 - Fréderic  Marey & Nadine Piskaldo
Other :
  • 1997 – Business Engineer, ICHEC (Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales) – Brussels, BE
  • 2003 - Gemmologist, HRD (Hoge Raad voor Diamant) – Antwerp, BE
  • Languages spoken: French, Dutch, English, German
  • Member of l’Association des Perliers d’Art de France, promoting Glass beads as a form of Art
  • Member of VerriBelGlass,  Association for the promotion of contemporary glass art in Belgium
  • Member of La Page Blanche –The Blank Page,  Belgian association promoting contemporary Crafts
  • 2015: received a grant from la Fondation Roi Baudouin, Plateforme pour l’Education et le Talent
  • 2014: selected for the exhibition ‘RAD:Radical in Art and Design’ - ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers – USA)
  • 2012 : selected for the exhibition ‘Indelible’. – ISGB (International Society of Glass Beadmakers - USA)
  • 2008: finalist in ‘Celebrating Beads , the  journey of… ‘ from the Bead Museum DC Washington - USA
Exhibitions (selection) 
  • Oct 2016, Art Shopping Woluwe, Brussels, BE
  • Sep 2016, Uptown Design September, Sofitel Louise, Brussels, BE
  • Jul – Aug 2015, Festival BalCo, Galerie Balastra, Balâtre, BE
  • Apr – May 2015, Galerie Carpe Diem, Tielt, BE
  • Jun - Nov 2014, ‘Parures et bijoux : Reflets du verre’, Musée du verre de Dordives, FR
  • Aug  2014,’ Bridges’, avec le collectif RAM 8, Seoul , KOREA
  • Apr 2014, Galerie Art Nomade, avec le collectif RAM 8, Bruxelles, BE
  • Apr 2014, ouverture de la Galerie ‘Shuttered Dreams’ à Murano, Venise, IT
  • May 2013, ‘Talents 9’, Galerie du Crabe, Jodoigne, BE
  • Oct 2012, BAAF, Brussels Accessible Art Fair, BE
  • July 2012, Galerie Artine, Oostende, BE
  • Mar 2012, la Samanna, Terres basses, St-Martin, Antilles, FR
  • Feb 2012, Galerie Céladon,  Marseille, FR
  • Jan 2012, Art Event, Galerie Balastra, Namur, BE
  • Dec 2011 – Jan 2012, ‘De la Perle à la Flamme’,  Ateliers d’Art de France, Paris, FR
  • April 2011, Galerie le Shore, Grand-Case, St-Martin, Antilles FR
  • Feb 2011, Foire Internationale d’Art contemporain, Le Sablon - Bruxelles, BE
  • May 2010, ’Flammes et Fusion’,  l’AFEDAP, Paris, FR
  • May 2009, ’Madame Butterfly’, Musée de Berck sur Mer, FR
  • Apr 2008, ’Arts Premiers’, galerie SEMA, Paris, FR
  • Nov 2007, galerie Art Présent, Paris, FR
  • Jul-Oct 2007, ’Bulles de Perles’, musée-atelier du verre, Sars Poteries, FR
  • May 2007, galerie Jenny du Marais, Paris FR
  • Sep 2006 - Jan 2007, ’A message to Kobe’, Kobe Lampwork Glassmuseum JP
  • Jun 2006 - Jan 2007, ’Perles d’écume’, Musée de Berck sur Mer, FR
  • 2008, ’Verre et Flamme - création de perles de verre’, éd. Eyrolles, p.31, p.125


perles de démonstration de mes stages

Introduction à la perle de verre filée au chalumeau

Je propose une introduction aux principales techniques de base de la perle de verre filée au chalumeau. Le stage se déroule à Overijse (près de Bruxelles, BE) ou dans mon atelier sur l'île de Murano (Venise, Italie).   The workshop can be given in English - Een workshop in het...

Progetti & novità


Experimenting with light through photo printing on glass and reflections through glass

Photo printing on glass In August 2019, I followed a workshop with artist Silvia Levenson on the various ways of printing an image or text on glass. Amongst the various techniques we explored, one stood out for me and made my heart beat faster: I call it light-sensitive printing on...
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