Vinegar and oil, Barbara Amstutz

Barbara Amstutz

Barbara Amstutz Silberschmiedin

Oberwil, Svizzera


In my silversmith atelier near Basel, I create bowls large and small, tableware, liturgical hollowware, baptismal cups and sculptures in small, handcrafted series or as single works of art. My most important tools are my hammers in various shapes and sizes, my stakes and anvils and the fire for annealing and brazing silver...
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... Forging, raising and mounting give rise to beautifully crafted items of everyday use and works of art. The appearance I lend these things is modern, the technique I use is ancient. In addition to commissioned work and my own creations I also restore, repair and conserve antique silver, liturgical hollowware, tableware and items made of non-precious metals. Biography: 1988–92 studied History, Philosophy and Comparative Religious Studies in Jerusalem and Basel 1995–99 apprenticeship as goldsmith in Basel trained in etching/intaglio printing at the Schule für Gestaltung Basel 1999–2003 goldsmith in Carouge/Geneva and Basel 2003–05 trained as silversmith in Schoonhoven, the Netherlands 2006 opened atelier in Basel
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