212 leitrim design house

Charles Perpoil

Art Francais ltd

Municipal District of Ballinamore, Irlanda


Charles Perpoil, born in the Loire Valley, France in 1979, discovered wood carving at the age of six. At the age of fourteen he joined the French ancient guild “Compagnons Du Devoir”, to master his skills as a “Menuisier” wood carver by travelling around France, Ireland and Belgium for ten years...
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... After his training, he moved to the west of Ireland in 2005 to set up his own business , Art Francais, in Leitrim. A series of fortunate and unfortunate events in his life, brought him back to sculpting again, and to explore other ranges of media such as ceramic and stone carving. Wood is my love, polished or natural, waxed or painted, it will always have a warmth that I don’t find in other material. It’s in its natural shape that it offers the most expressive look and aspect. Looking at the wonder of nature around us in clouds, trees, stone, we all see something that reminds us of familiar forms, whether it be a face, an animal or whatever arises in our imagination. For me gorse/aitinn is magical in this sense. I can see a new life in each branch. It offers endless possibilities. Ceramic and stone came only recently into my work. It has opened my eyes and mind to the extensive possibilities that these materials offer and how I can incorporate them into my wood sculptures.
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