Estera Grabarczyk

Estera Grabarczyk


Wałbrzych, Polonia


Esther Grabarczyk - the author of the exhibition "From everything and from nothing" and "The Open Sesame". She participated in the fair "Targira" where she has obtained every kind of medals on the contest "Art Nobilium"...

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... Instructor of workshops, "ecoistka 2013". Organizer and author of fashion shows - "Recycling art", "The second life of linen and leather", "Spring 2013", "Eco fashion and beauty", "Fashionable Wałbrzyszanka (Woman from Wałbrzych)".

Esther is a creator of brand - Slavic "silk", which regularly organizes amazing shows at Książ Castle in Wałbrzych, Poland. She cooperates with Krystyna Mazurówna – Polish dancer and actress. In her activities she deals with various art forms. Currently, she conducts many projects related to artistic activities including further projects on the fashion show. Esther Grabarczyk is fascinated by artistic jewelery, clothing and linen recycling. 

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