Legs bowl

Kanami Takeda

Kanami Takeda Ceramics

Copenaghen, Danimarca


My aim as a designer/craftsman who is specialized in ceramic material is using unique aspect of clay and making a special experience in a daily life. I believe ceramic is a material which is full of possibilities...
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... There is no material which has so many different characters through the process. I explore this uniqueness of clay and open myself to all the possibilities which this material has. From this aspect, sometimes my final pieces are finished without firing or using glaze. My works often have a special point of view which is based on two different culture, Japan where I born and Denmark where I started making ceramics. By looking at one thing through two different cultural filters, I create a unique concept to my work. I use this theory to play around the borderline of art and design or traditional and modern too. I look through with each lenses and find a point which can make one clear figure.
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