Martha Pachon Rodriguez, Sculptures

Martha Pachon Rodriguez

Martha Pachon Rodriguez

Brisighella, Italia


Martha Pachón Rodríguez was born in Santa Fe de Bogota, Colombia, graduated in Fine Arts at the “Surcolombiana” University of Neiva, Colombia in 1995 and graduated in a Porcelain and Stoneware Specialization at the Art Institute for Ceramics “G...

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... Ballardini” in Faenza, Italy. She began her career as a professor of Art Education in 1990, at the Institute INEM of Neiva, Colombia. Simultaneously, from 1996 to 2000, she taught Sculpture and Design at the “Surcolombiana” University and, from 1997 to 1999, she was professor of Theory of Color and Design in Textiles and Fashion Design at the “Corporación Universitaria “of Neiva, Colombia. Currently, she is a Porcelain Teacher at the School of Arts adherent to the MIC International Ceramic Museum of Faenza and at the Ceramic & Colours enterprise, Faenza, Italy. She is member of the IAC International Academy of Ceramics of Geneva and she works as an Assistant Editor for the Italian and International Magazine of Ceramic Art and Culture “LA CERAMICA in Italia e nel mondo”. ***

The current work consists of three lines: The sculptures, pendants and installations, mixture of human eroticism and seduction with animal nature, a mix of reality with fantasy, and the installations result of an ethnographic investigation about stories, travels, references and migrations. The pendants and translucent installations as “Wedding cloak”, an intermediate between tradition and modernity are a series of majestic and symbolic robes or dresses, consisting of thousands of sheets of porcelain, made to be touched, heard and seen.

Other architectural installations made for special projects are inspired by the ceilings and walls painted by Giotto in the early Renaissance, like “MAPPA CELESTE” installed recently at “Territory Museum”, Faenza, Italy. On the other hand, the recent series of sculptures as “Full Color sea urchin” Series evoke the creatures of the sea floor or the life of that remains of the jungle,as well as new animal species modified by climate change and genetic intervention generated by humans.

My favorite pieces are those made slowly, over several years, as a work in progress, those that tell a story, like “Lace Route” and “Dentelles Impudiques”. These works are the collection I have started in 2008 through my trips, fragments of cloths and laces very ancient. Fragments given away, bought and found, I have printed them on the porcelain, each tells the story of a person or a family. Printing on porcelain or using digital serigraphy, makes me feel like I have saving the pattern and its history.

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