anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti


massimiliano arriga D.I.

Incassatore di pietre (Gioielli)

Roma, Italia


Massimiliano Arriga
Born in Rome in 1965, grew up under my father’s bench, Arrigo Arriga, he started working as a Goldsmith in Rome in 1946.
After the primery schools in 1982, I started working in a workshop as a gemsetter.
After my formation I stated my own activity, working local and International jewellers.
After a few years, not happy of the design of thier jewels and wanting to find more sattisfaction I opened my actuall shop in Piazza Capranica, near the Pantheon in Rome.
Designing, creating, modelling and building my stile and vision of one of a kind unique pieces

Interview - Storie di talento

anello in oro opale e sfere di onice con diamanti

Massimiliano Arriga, Hand craft jewellery.

I imagine,design,build and finish unique pieces of jewellery,objects and accessories. I set all my stones, I sculpter and melt wax, I engrave and model metals and wood.
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