Aceteam 34fotopetermargis kopie

Matthias Broda

Aceteam GmbH

Buckow, Germania


About Matthias Broda : He started as a student in the Company museumstechnik Berlin, he was responsible for exibitions in Berlin, during the 80th.

During that time he was part of a team that created a constuction system for exibitions, for roofs, stairways and heavy weight structure...

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... In knowledge of this experience, a modular shelf system, called system180,, was born, he was the director of this company from the start to 2012, 2013 it was time to start something new with aceteam to create a new vision of mobility aceteams goal was to create an electrical bicycle and build it in an environmental friendly way. In cooperation with the Faculty of Wood Science and Technology of the Eberswalde University for Sustainable Development (HNEE) the idea became reality.
Combining CNC-technology and the knowledge of wood material, the first wooden E-Bike was developed. Wood is a natural material but it also binds CO2 while metal production requires an eight times higher energy input leading to increased CO2 emissions

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