Roselyne Montassier- Cormier

Roselyne Montassier Cormier

Rocheservière, Francia


I did a training course at the ’ house of the potter ’ of Fuilet ( Maine-et-Loire) from 2007 till 2009 or I learned in the diverse techniques of shaping and cooking of the clay. I have then create my workshop in small village 30 km in the South of Nantes...
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... A lot of time,of searches and disappointments are still necessary to personnalize my creations. I was seduced at first by the blazing colors and the smoked fired, of the fired raku and the sweetness of the naked raku. Then the discovery of the paper clay, slip cast , burnished ,bisque fired and then fired in sawdust (primitive fired) My work ,of astral and organic inspirations is in perfect harmony with this ancestral firing.
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