Stefania Nicastro

Nicastro sas

Napoli, Italia


Her burins cut both precious metals and stones. She is particularly appreciated for manufacturing signet rings, specialisation acquired after years of work with the most considered Italian craftsmen. She received her first apprenticeship in late 80s in Florence with Romano Calamai...
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... After few years she moved to Rome at master Santucci’s school. Finally she fulfilled her education at Corradini’s workshop, always in Rome. Master Corradini was the one who formed Stefania in engraving precious stones. The top level of her formation added to natural talent originated Stefania’s mastery in engraving. Working only by hand and at microscope, she is able to reproduce coats of arms no matter how complicated over signets rings. Every kind of particular, every ornament is perfectly reproduced or reshaped in a more gentle way, trying to make of any jewel a true piece of art. Obviously Stefania is not only requested for signet rings, and her skills have been utilised in various applications, over many materials, following her customer’s demand and imagination. Stefania Nicastro is an highly skilled and appreciated engraver with almost 30 years of experience. She realises, exclusively by hands, engravings over precious stones, signet rings. In time she has been awarded with several prizes and can display works realised for many statesmen, kings, and one pope.
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