Swiss Arts Crafts Association

Swiss Arts Crafts Association was created to support craftsmanship. The goal is to reinforce the coordination of the European Artistic Craft Days in Switzerland and to preserve and promote these crafts on a national level. The mission of the Swiss Association of Crafts is also to transmit the know-how by promoting learning and training in crafts.

The association allows its members to reunite their strengths to support training companies by proposing them innovating models about training, by creating networks of trainers, by reducing their administrative tasks, by delegating some lessons to compensate the lack of vocational schools.

The Swiss Arts Crafts Association is based in Lausanne


Storie di Talento

Soane roses by tom brown and tom nicholls


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Torch beadmaking with AnuschB, Glass Artist – Belgium and Italy

After these 2 days classes, you will go home with the beads you made on the torch and a whole new world of possibilities and techniques to explore and perfect.

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Incisione a mano su metallo con Alain Lovenberg – Belgio

Corsi per professioniste e debuttanti. Scoprite le tecniche tradizionali della scuola di Liegi cosi come quelle molto innovative utilizzate da incisori professionisti di alto livello ,nella bottega di Alain Lovenberg.   Approfittate di consigli e follow-up personalizzati sotto la guida di un incisore di fama internazionale, con oltre 50 anni di esperienza nel settore.

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Cours de peinture sur porcelaine avec Nicole Legros-Kaufmann – Belgique

Cours de peinture sur porcelaine (niveau adapté aux connaissances de l’élève) avec Nicole Legros-Kaufmann

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Initiation aux techniques de la bijouterie avec Nadja Lokschin – Switzerland

Cours de bijouterie: initiation et perfectionnement aux techniques de la bijouterie avec Nadja Lokschin,créatrice de bijoux.

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Forging a Silver Spoon with Barbara Amstutz – Silversmith – Switzerland

Learn how to forge a silver spoon with silversmith Barbara Amstutz, in Switzerland. Put a piece of silver with various hammer techniques into the desired form.

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Boat Building, Woodworking & Furniture making course at Boat Building Academy

courses from 3 days to 38 weeks in boat building, woodworking, furniture making and more. Our courses suit anyone from eighteen to eighty.

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Glassblowing & Glass Casting courses at Berlin Glas e.V.

Two separate courses given by renowned artists. Glassblowing with Veronika Beckh and Glass Casting with Silvia Levenson

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Painting on Glass at Berlin Glas e.V.

Two separate courses given by renowned artists. Different style of Painting on Glass with Jeff Zimmer and Lucia Santini

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Corsi di tessitura, design del tessuto e pittura a Firenze presso Aphorisma – Italia

Lo studio e i corsi sono diretti dalla tessitrice-designer Anna Silberschmidt e dall’artista Nicola Sansò.

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Corsi di incisione alla ruota su vetro e cristallo.

Corsi per principianti e per professionisti. Incisione su vetro e cristallo a la ruota, con Vanessa Cavallaro – Savona / Altare – Italia. Da febbraio a novembre.

Agenda dell'artigianato

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Grand Palais – Paris REVELATIONS THE INTERNATIONAL FINE CRAFT AND CREATION EVENT Revelations casts a new gaze on creation. The biennial places the creator at the heart of the event and invites the world’s fine craft

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Italy – Artigianato & Palazzo – Corsini Gardens – Florence 16 to 19 May 2019

The Corsini Garden Association present: ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO botteghe artigiane e loro committenze. The 25th edition of the exhibition will be held from 16 to 19 May 2019 at the Corsini Garden in Florence.ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO was created in 1995 and

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The European Artistic Crafts Days (EACD) were created in 2002 upon the request of the French government to derive value from the nation’s enormous intangible assets as a way to highlight its living heritage. They

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Mad’in Europe @ Maison & Objet – 18-22 Janvier 2019

CRAFTS – HALL 5A – STAND i80 – J81 Per la prima volta, Mad’in Europe ha partecipato alla fiera Maison & Objet con cinque dei suoi membri: Edyta Baranska, Flavia Tummolo, Katarina Thorstensson Ross De

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Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel. Paris, Carrousel du Louvre – 25-28 Oct. 2018

INTERNATIONAL CULTRAL HERITAGE FAIR – PARIS VISIT BIANCHI SCAGLIOLA, BAS VAN ZUIJLEN AND ALEXIA FRANCK AT MAD’IN EUROPE SPACE- HALL GABRIEL – STAND C1 – We are proud to introduce three outstanding makers at this major “rendez-vous” of excellence! 25-28 OCTOBER 2018

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For the first time, Mad'in Europe has invited Belgian artisans to offer creations for the benefit of basic research carried out by the Institut de Duve. Touched by their generosity, we are happy to present them to you.

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ARTISANART – Liege EXPO – Belgium – Sept 27-30

Don’t miss the first edition of Artisanart in Liège, from the 27th to the 30th of September Meet the exhibitors and their creations.

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Prix Métiers d’art Suisse

Parmi ses buts, l’Association Suisse des Métiers d’Art (ASMA) s’est fixé la mission d’honorer et récompenser les artisans d’art exerçant en Suisse distingués pour leur excellence, soit en décernant des prix, soit en participant à des jurys visant ce même but.

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Festival international du film sur les métiers d’art

Le Festival International du Film sur les Métiers d’Art revient avec sa 11è édition. Le FIFMA se déroulera du 8 au 11 mars 2018 au cinéma Le Méliès de Montreuil, ainsi qu’au Ciné 104 de Pantin, au Cin’Hoche de Bagnolet et au Méliès pour le FIFMA des Écoles, volet consacré au public scolaire.

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One more time, this autumn, the Barons Vincenzo and Ilaria Ciani Bassetti will welcome the public in their wonderful venetian Castle for the exceptionsl fair of art crafts,  art, wine and culture.

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Tempo di Natale 11 e 12 novembre 2017. Castello di Thiene, THIENE (VI)

Nel Castello di Thiene torna TEMPO DI NATALE, mostra mercato ispirata al Natale e dedicata alle eccellenze artigiane italiane. In questa quarta edizione siamo arrivati a 65 espositori accolti nei saloni, scuderie e cortile del castello.

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One more time, this autumn, the Barons Vincenzo and Ilaria Ciani Bassetti will welcome the public in their wonderful venetian Castle for the exceptionsl fair of art crafts,  art, wine and culture.

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Bloomin’ Jewels – From the 20th May to the 4th June

The Blossoming of the Floral. Special exhibition at Contemporary Applied Arts, Bankside.

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Ekho#2 Contemporary Violins & Bows 10-20 May 2017

Within the framework of the Queen Elisabeth Competition, dedicated to the cello for the very first time, Ekho presents its second exhibition.

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