Creatore di gioielli (Bigiotteria – Gioielli Fantasia)

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Georgia Kambouridou – Jewellery Maker

My name is Georgia Kambouridou and I am 52 years old. My craft is Jewellery Making which I am practising it for over 14 years now. I currently have my own space for creating my jewellery and at the same time I am an instructor/teacher of this craft. There are...
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work drying before being baked

Paulina Borisova Dudina

I create jewelry from polymer clay, natural leather and painted silk. I mostly focus on earrings as an accessory that is preferred by most ladies and that easily emphasizes the individuality of each of them in everyday life and on special occasions. Of course, I also make sets for more...
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Art de la table
Bronze bell.

Gigo Iakobashvili - Phery Jewelry

Tbilisi, Georgia

NeoClassic Vespasian Coin Ring

Danny Piacentini Goldsmith- Jewelry Wax Modeler-Wax Scuptor

Hello everyone, am danny, owner at Artemis Jewels Italy. I am an anglo-italian holder of a jewelry firm from late 90’s on. I hold a very long London background and move back to italy from the start of 2003 opening an atelier here. I always had a passion for jewelry...
Andrij Paslavskyi
perles de démonstration de mes stages

Introduction à la perle de verre filée au chalumeau

Je propose une introduction aux principales techniques de base de la perle de verre filée au chalumeau. Le stage se déroule à Overijse (près de Bruxelles, BE) ou dans mon atelier sur l'île de Murano (Venise, Italie).   The workshop can be given in English - Een workshop in het...
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Collection Artis Ari - Gold 18k

Bernard Guillocheur Main

Le guillochage main  c'est remplir une surface de reflets géométriques obtenus par la gravure de lignes qui s'entrecroisent. Pour guillocher, il est très important de posséder de vieilles machines traditionnelles à guillocher, sans quoi, ce travail devient impossible. Les anciennes machines, au travers de leur âme, donnent un rendu inattendu...
Collection Artis Ari - Gold 18k
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