Andrea Magnolini - Stufa tonda
Inutile et pleine de grace porcelaine or colombin pinching plaque moulage

Valérie Ceulemans, Valloma, créatrice céramique

Je propose un large choix de sculptures et installations ainsi que des articles destinés à l’Art de la table. Tous ces objets sont uniques et entièrement réalisés par mes soins, dans mon atelier.

Christian Van Parys - Réalisation de pièces manquante d'un poêle ancien

Fumista di professione! La stufa a legna sotto i riflettori.

Si pensava fossero stati relegati per sempre ai nostri ricordi d’infanzia? Invece no, le stufe a legna hanno ancora tanti bei giorni davanti a loro. La sensibilità per l’ambiente e per uno stile di vita

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Artigianato & Palazzo – Giardini Corsini – Firenze – dal 16 al 19 Maggio 2019

The 24th ARTIGIANATO E PALAZZO exhibition (Florence, Corsini Gardens, May 17-20, 2018) gets underway with the history of one of the leading examples of Made in Italy excellence, the “Mostra Principe” dedicated to the Richard Ginori porcelain Manufactory and fundraising for the reopening of the Doccia Museum

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Salon International du Patrimoine Culturel. Paris, Carrousel du Louvre – 25-28 Oct. 2018

INTERNATIONAL CULTRAL HERITAGE FAIR – PARIS VISIT BIANCHI SCAGLIOLA, BAS VAN ZUIJLEN AND ALEXIA FRANCK AT MAD’IN EUROPE SPACE- HALL GABRIEL – STAND C1 – We are proud to introduce three outstanding makers at this major “rendez-vous” of excellence! 25-28 OCTOBER 2018

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Prix Métiers d’art Suisse

Parmi ses buts, l’Association Suisse des Métiers d’Art (ASMA) s’est fixé la mission d’honorer et récompenser les artisans d’art exerçant en Suisse distingués pour leur excellence, soit en décernant des prix, soit en participant à des jurys visant ce même but.

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Anita Matell, flower maker

Anita Matell – Flower maker

Nature and Botanica is a never ending source of inspiration and I can hardly see a flower without rapidly counting its petals and figure out the main structure…

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Oscar Ollé

Òscar Ollé, Cabinet maker, Barcelona, Spain

When I was turning a piece of banana tree wood that I cut with my own hands from a tree that saw me grow, which I kept and I had to cure for years before I could work and create a unique piece… I realized that a tree never dies and leaves a story behind.

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Torch beadmaking with AnuschB, Glass Artist – Belgium and Italy

After these 2 days classes, you will go home with the beads you made on the torch and a whole new world of possibilities and techniques to explore and perfect.

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Incisione a mano su metallo con Alain Lovenberg – Belgio

Corsi per professioniste e debuttanti. Scoprite le tecniche tradizionali della scuola di Liegi cosi come quelle molto innovative utilizzate da incisori professionisti di alto livello ,nella bottega di Alain Lovenberg.   Approfittate di consigli e follow-up personalizzati sotto la guida di un incisore di fama internazionale, con oltre 50 anni di esperienza nel settore.

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