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3 one-color "Nénuphar" trays (FB)


3 trays from the series "Nénuphar" modeled in sandstone with natural colours. Diameter :24, 17, 13cm. Molding, stamping and hand engraving, unglazed, treated with linseed oil (guaranteed for food contact) - cooking 1300 °

Modelage , estampage et gravure à la main de 3 coupes ou plats "Nénuphar" faisant ensemble en grès brut, non émaillé, traités à l'huile de lin (contact alimentaire garanti) - cuisson 1300 ° Diametre :24, 17, 13cm.

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Designed and made by Françoise Bergaglia

INTERRACOTTA arose from 15 years of practice of the clay working. The clay, bare, not enamelled, earthenware or stoneware, is worked to obtain leaves of different thickness. The pattern, geometrical most of the time, engraved or embossed, plays with the material, light and shadow. The colors change according to the desires and to the clays, as well as the tints or the additional materials to decorate for all or part the modelled surface after firing. In the field of the decoration, everything is possible : pigments, metal leaves, fabric, paper, canvas... The object always arises from an elementary shape. This simplicity allows all the transformations and excites the imagination to compose. The basis is a disk, a triangle, a square which is formed, deformed, multiplied... The association of the shape and the pattern, sometimes completed by the color and the addition of other materials, creates a decoration or a unique decorative object which is transformed according to the composition... The composition is indeed the basis of this line of decoration to create lamps, wall tiles, flowers arrangings, trays of tables or consoles and tomorrow removable partition-walls, folding-screens... Services: Hand-crafted manufacturing on request for the presented models in various sizes and custom-made products / Study and design of new models of decoration in terra-cotta (earthenware and stoneware) / Partnership with artists and craftsmen to create new and unique models.





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