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Shoal of Angels (JT)


Unique and exceptional wall piece. Hand built, pinched porcelain mini sculptures fired to 1280 C. Partially glazed. After high firing they are hand painted with precious metal lustres and low temperature on glaze colours and fired to 720 C. The llittle sculptures ( 0.5mm thick) are then fixed on hand cut clear plexiglass rods, fixed and arranged in a bespoke acrylic box frame with translucent green back and clear screw slots. 31 x 31 x 6.5cm

Unique hand built porcelain

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Designed and made by Joy Trpkovic

The wall piece is inspired by the movement of medulla and manta rays or shoals in general. The piece is technically extremely challenging to make as the very fragile mini sculptures are fired individually in layers with ceramic fibre supports on the wings. each batch entails losses. in the raw state some are embossed with textured bumps by hand which creates a more organic interesting surface when glazed and fired. Although made as a wall piece, it could also be freestanding in a widow or on a table. I lived by the sea for many years and I am inspired by marine life whilst seeking to interpret rather than immitate nature. The very first of the "Shoal of Angels " wall pieces won 2nd Prize in CICA35 Museu de Ceramica de L'Alcora, Spain in 2015 and is now in the Permanent Collection at the Museum of Ceramics". I make delicate hand built, translucent porcelain or pinched stoneware objects with the simplest tools- my hands and a scalpel. my wall pieces consist of many mini sculptures installed in Plexiglass box frames. Work is fired to 1280 Degrees Centigrade. I also paint, mainly landscapes to commission. 2nd Prize winner 35CICA Museu de Ceramica de L'Alcora Spain 2015





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