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Delaunay Clutch (Orange blue yellow)


Handmade clutch, embroidered with «petit point» technique with wool and silk

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Handmade by Cecilia Roger.

Unique handmade clutch - embroidered with « petit point » technique.

Materials: Wool, Silk and metallic threads. Suede back. Metal Clasp

More about the maker...

“Hands are the exit of Spirit” (Late Master Iwao Saito). This quote represents the essence of my creativity and my craftmanship. 
Needles are my brushes, threads my pigments and precious fabrics my canvasses. I use these tools to express my creativity in the arts of embroidery and textile. Today represents the third stage in my professional life. I started off being a paleographer and then became a wine producer for family reasons. These previous lives have connected me to history, nature and ancestral techniques. Already as a child I began creating handmade objects with various media. French and Italian cultures are deeply and strongly part of my life. I am now at home in a Swiss mountain village, surrounded by silence, nature, rocks and cows.

Needles, frames, tambour hooks, awls, tekobari, koma, Japanese scissors, and many more are my daily precious tools. I was trained during the last 20 years in many different embroidery techniques and I met with and learned from embroiderers all round the world. I have attended more than 500 hours training at Haute Couture and Interior Design Lesage School in Paris. To perfect my skills I have attended short courses at the Royal School of Needlepoint in Hampton Court (UK), Hand and Lock (London), Conservatoire des Broderies de Lunéville (Lunéville – France), Accademia Teatro alla Scala (Milano) and many other embroidery schools. I have completed level 10 at Japanese Embroidery Center in Atlanta (USA) and I have attended master classes at Kuranai-Kai workshop in Togane City (Japan). I hold certified knowledge in natural dye, shibori and textile printing from “Color and Natural Dye Association M.E. Salice” and from Master Yoshiko Wada of the World Shibori Network. I have attended level 1 and 2 of the Japanese Marouflage Ura-Uchi technique with Master Jacelyne Derudder (Paris) and a specific workshop at Masumi School in Tokyo. My confirmed and certified technique is a seal of quality and preciousness.

All these different layers of myself enhance my creativity. Every day I use my hands to make uniquely refined artefacts. My clutches and handbags add an elegant touch to your appearance. My embroidered scrolls, cushions, folding screens, all inspired by different culture and technque, lend serenity to your home. Nature is my best friend and my main source of inspiration. Flowers, trees, leaves, rocks and rivers leap out from my fabrics. I strongly believe that working with one’s hands helps us to connect our soul and reveal our inner treasure. In the one of a kind pieces that I create I combine technical skills and my own artistic sensibility. As I said, my hands are my inner beauty.





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