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Camille Gras, Goldsmith, FranceMore than 1700 high qualified craftsmen from all over Europe have now joined Madineurope. We are very proud to give them this showcase on the worldwide market and to let you find the artisans you need. But it's time for Madineurope to go to the next step. Our new selling platform will give to our users the possibility to purchase unique pieces done by extraordinary European Craftsmen. The selection of pieces for each collection is made possible by our collaboration with artistic directors, designers or other professionals involved in design and crafts. Dont' miss our sales, keep an eye on the dates!


Past sales

  • Closed sale European Contemporary Ceramics

    European Contemporary Ceramics

    OPENING ON NOVEMBER THE 1st. 54 unique pieces designed and produced by Anima Roos, Caroline Cole, Edi Magi, Edina Andrasi,Emma Finch, Françoise Bergaglia, Isabelle Poupinel, Joy Trpkovic, Sandrine Bretton,Valérie Ceulemans,have been selected by Marine Halna du Fretay, a French eclectic designer
    From 01/11/2016 to 12/03/2018
  • Closed sale Jewelry and Accessories

    Jewelry and Accessories

    Choose European craftsmanship! Mad’in Europe opens its second online sale, from January the 27th to April the 16th, with a selection of jewels and accessories for men and women, created by exceptional European craftsmen. Jewels in yellow or white gold filigree, unique pieces in beads and embroidery, accessories in mother-of-pearl, hand turned wood… from Belgium, Italy, Spain, France and England. Please someone or yourself, choose European craftsmanship.

    From 27/01/2017 to 26/04/2017
  • Closed sale Colour Symphony

    Colour Symphony

    In his master piece “A Colour Symphony » Arthur Bliss used the symbolic meaning of colours as an inspiration for each of its movements: purple for “andante maestoso”, red for “allegro vivace” , blue for “gently flowing” and green for “moderato”. Now that winter is finally gone let’s play our own symphony of colours with some unique pieces inspired by nature and made by some of our best craftsmen.
    From 09/05/2017 to 15/10/2017