Colour Symphony

Colour Symphony

In his master piece “A Colour Symphony » Arthur Bliss used the symbolic meaning of colours as an inspiration for each of its movements: purple for “andante maestoso”, red for “allegro vivace” , blue for “gently flowing” and green for “moderato”.    

Now that winter is finally gone let’s play our own symphony of colours with some unique pieces inspired by nature and made by some of our best craftsmen.  Mad’in Europe opens its third online sale with a selection of accessories and fashion items for women, selected by a special guest, the fashion stylist Isabelle de Clerck.

We chose around 50 unique very coloured pieces entirely handmade by craftsmen from Belgium, Netherland, Spain and Switzerland. Jewellery, bags, hats, fans, clothes and many more crafted creations to discover in our sale platform, to be joyful, majestic, gentle but … not too moderated. Be beautiful with European craftsmanship!

From 09/05/2017 to 15/10/2017
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