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Dress Nuno Ecoprint


Handmade unique piece, hand felting with ecoprint techniqueNatural silk fabric and white merino wool  

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Handmade by Maria Varona.

Dress in silk large midi EcoPrint made by hand felting. Natural silk fabric and white merino wool on the inside.
The wool is part of the ornament but is also present in areas of reinforcement and union as lateral, low neckline and armhole.
The dress has no zipper, with loose waist and neckline for your comfort.

Unique texture and pattern according to the wonderful ecoprint technique.
Ecoprint technique consists of silk fabric shapes and leaves’ colour with the minimum expenditure of water and using natural mordant no impact.
In this case, eucalyptus leaves, orange leaves and stained oak leaves accompany you as a forest footprint. The colour is provided by the natural leaf (except oak because it's dyed).

Materials: cotton gauze, silk ponge, merino wool

Available size 38-40 (S-m) ( 10-12 )

Completely handmade. Delicate and pleasant tactually.
How to care: Delicate hand wash or dry cleaning

More about the maker... 

With architectural education and experience, my passion for the textile took me to investigate the felt. Self-training and specific courses allow me to design and make unique pieces seamless. I love this technique so volumetric and versatile. The felt and the nuno satisfy with their versatility my spatial ambitions and my design's freedom.

Con formación y experiencia arquitectónica, mi pasión por el textil me llevó a investigar el fieltro. De forma autodidacta y con cursos especificos de otros profesionales, me he formado en este maravilloso material. El fieltro y el nuno satisfacen con su versatilidad mis ambiciones espaciales y mi libertad de diseño.





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