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Felt Jacket Green and White


Handmade unique piece, hand felting with ecoprint technique. Natural silk fabric and white merino wool

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Handmade by Maria Varona.

Wool coat in light colours made of merino wool and applications in silk, fibers and fabric. Fulfilled by hand felting during three days’ work. Only hot water, soap and hand rubbed. Only smoothest merino wool and high quality fabrics where employed to create the beautiful textured background material in nuno felt.

Materials : Merino wool, silk. 

Available size 36-40 (S-m) ( 8-12 )
Length (from shoulders): 65cm (25 inches)
To customize the color and size contact us.

Completely handmade. Delicate and pleasant touch-sensitive.
How to care: Delicate hand wash or dry cleaning

More about the Maker...

With architectural education and experience, my passion for the textile took me to investigate the felt. Self-training and specific courses allow me to design and make unique pieces seamless. I love this technique so volumetric and versatile. The felt and the nuno satisfy with their versatility my spatial ambitions and my design's freedom.

Con formación y experiencia arquitectónica, mi pasión por el textil me llevó a investigar el fieltro. De forma autodidacta y con cursos specificos de otros profesionales, me he formado en este maravilloso material. El fieltro y el nuno satisfacen con su versatilidad mis ambiciones spaciales y mi libertad de diseño.





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Price: 310.00 €

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