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Red fishes band (AR)


Bowl in ceramic with drawing of a fish band inside.

The pieces are turned on the wheel. When almost dry the throwing rimes are polished away on the wheel with a metal rib. When completely dry the relief and exterior design is made. 16x10.5 cm

When it’s a colored pattern the complete object is painted with the collared porcelain slip (black or blue). On the dry skin I paint a pattern (geometric or referring to the nature) with acryl medium matt. When this varnish is dry, I sponge the porcelain with water. Where there is varnish, the color and the thickness remains. The other parts get white again, and the more I wash, the thinner it gets. Then there’s the biscuit-firing , the glazing, and the glaze-firing at 1280°C in a gas kiln. The transfer (made by screen-printing with an on-glaze) is placed on the glaze and the bowl is burned a 3th time at 780°c.

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Designed and made by Anima Roos

Pots and dishes are familiar daily objects. By placing them in a new context, by stripping them from there functionality and by adding alien elements (in texture, color as well as form), a dualistic feeling arises within the spectator: recognition – alienation.

By changing the evidence of the form, the spectator can give a new interpretation, by using the associations, which the object evokes.  (From nature, other cultures, memories…). The interaction between what I mend to make, and what others see in it, is seldom a contradiction, usually an enrichment. During the making, the game between light and dark, movement and rest, open-/closeness, is very important.  Playing with traditional forms and actual techniques, I am searching for a balance. The spectator adds a concrete story to it.

Lines, forms and ideas, preferably in movement… it all remains a tightrope walk.

Potters studio in Genth since 1988. Exhibitions in Belgium and different countries in Europe.





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