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Oval Woven Vase (CC)


30cm tall slip cast moulded vase, exposed underglazes and matt glazes.

This vase is oval at its base and also at its lip with one oval being almost twice the size of the other.Each oval is at 90 degrees to the other, which creates a shape that looks triangular from one side but almost straight-sided from the other. The pattern plays with the inherent movement in this shape and is generated from a series of points on the edges of the ovals. Diagonal lines linking the points on the short axis and on the long axis of each oval set the rhythm for a woven pattern of coloured strips of varying width. The pattern then folds, like a piece of origami, into the inside of the vase.


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Designed and made by Caroline Cole

"I make one off pieces, generally on commission. I am intrigued by the way that geometries distort when painted in three-dimensions and how a twist or turn to a simple shape can have a profound effect on how a surface pattern is perceived. The patterns I make are highly geometric, sometimes inspired by repetitive configurations in nature, sometimes following sequences founded on prime numbers. Spirals and ovals have been a particular obsession. I am continually amazed by the depth of colour that can be achieved by layering glazes. I combine rough underglazed finishes with more traditional matt or polished glazes to add intrigue to each piece and create subtle variations in tone and intensity. At the moment I am working primarily with slip cast moulds, which enable me to make more than one piece of the same shape. This allows me to investigate my other fascination, namely reflections and inversions." C.Cole





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