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Moving vases first set (AE)


Two"Moving vases" made in porcelain, fired in 1300 degree Celsius. One set of two out of of four. Se also "Moving vases second set"

Slip casted porcelain. Moving vases/ Unsettled movement.

You can see two different vases here, although they are castings from the same mold. Cutting the molds in different angles, rotating the parts around their axis and pasting them together again, lead to a series of shapes which are related to each other by their common origin: the source shape. Their personality arises through this turning movement.
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Designed and made by Edina Andrasi. 

I am an artist working with porcelain since eight years now, trying to fathom every possibility of the material. Since porcelain and ceramic craft is so old, they are very evocative as well. I strive to recall these historical notions of the material while reaching toward contemporary issues and new aesthetic qualities.





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